In this blog post, we'll explore how to make the most of your photography session when your dog can't be let off their lead. 
If you have had a look at our portfolio, you may be left wondering how come all of these dogs are just so well trained and able to be off their lead! - even thinking to yourself "there's no way my dog....." 
Read on: 
what if my dog cant be let off lead
Photographing your dogs with images that truly reflect their character can be quite a challenge. Often, they are too quick, leaving you with blurry images of nothing but a wagging tail, if they have a dark coat, you end up with photos where only their eyes are visible, and then there is the problem of a very short attention span, making it difficult to capture those perfect shots and genuine moments as they refuse to look at us or the camera. 
It’s my awesome job to create amazing and dramatic portraits of your dogs - here are a few tips that will help you capture some unforgettable moments and make sure it’s a fun experience too - enjoy..... 
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