How To Prepare For Your Dog Photography Session – Dog Photography on location. 

Preparing for your dog photography session and how to ensure you capture those unique expressions that make your fur baby so unique. 

Your dog photography session is a fun experience to share and enjoy with your furry companion. A Dog portrait session is the perfect opportunity to capture all of those unique expressions that make your fur baby so unique and special to you and your family. 
As specialist dog and pet photographers we will help and guide you through the whole duration of your photo session, there are a few things you can do to ensure that when you arrive you will be fully prepared for your portrait session and have the best possible experience. 
Here are a few tips to help you dog parents prepare for the big day and make sure that you get the most out of your dog photography session. 
1. Haircut (The dog not you) 
If your dog has a certain haircut that you prefer, we recommend visiting the groomers a week prior to your session, but it's definitely not a requirement! However, if your dog has a long coat, it would be advisable to trim the hair around the eyes, this will ensure their beautiful eyes can be easily captured. If you want to book a grooming session for your photo shoot, try not to do it on the same day as your portrait session, you really don’t want to have too much going on the same day! 
2. Exercise. 
Walk your dog(s) prior to your session, (let them have a good sniff around and go to the toilet) But don't let them run around wildly (we really don't want them panting and having a great big tongue hanging out in all of the photographs) not forgetting that they will still need some energy if we are going to do some action shots with them at the end of the session. 
Dop photographer in London, Hertfordshire, Bedford
3. Toys. 
Bring your dogs favorite toy(s) if they have any! 
We will have a few things with us to catch their attention, but not all toys/treats work with every dog! You know your pup and what they like more than anyone else, so make sure to bring along with you their favourite toys, treats (some dogs are very fussy and also may have dietry requirements so it's best if we use the treats that they are used to) and anything else that will attract their attention, we are after an alert and happy dog and you may even get some big smiles as well! 
Dop photographer in Bedford, London and Hertfordshire
4. Collar. 
On almost all of the sessions that we do your pup will be on it's lead during the portrait session, and that’s ok! Your dog’s safety is our priority, I will remove the lead from the photograph when they are edited, if you have one, bring along a flat collar for your dogs photographs, and if you need a harness that is fine, it can be taken off once we are at the session location or when we are taking the photographs. 
5. Photographs with my dog 
If you have decided not be in any of the photos with your dog together during the session, that doesn’t mean you are not allowed to change your mind! but just in case pick your clothes accordingly. 
Dop photographer in London, Bedfordshire,  and Hertfordshire
6. Packing List. 
*Lead & Collar - a clean one that will be in the photographs 
* Water - for both yourself and the dog. 
*Treats - no dogs want to work for nothing 
* Harness - for walking to and from the session locations 
* Poo bags 
7. And Finally 
Relax and enjoy the session, we always ask that you bring someone with you, in most cases to hold the dog on a lead (which don't forget is airbrushed out afterwards) remain calm and don't get stressed out, as long as your dog is happy we will get some awesome photographs that you will treasure for ever. 
We hope this little list is helpful to you - don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. 
If you would like to know more about booking your session photography sessions 
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