At the end of your viewing session you will end up with your very favourite photographs, now you need to decide how to show off these fabulous memories in the very best way…. 
Dog photography by Adrian Bullers the dog photographer
We have hand picked an exquisite range of unique and beautifully crafted photographic products, chosen and designed to cover every genre, meet every style, be within your budget and look just fabulous hanging on the wall 
Here are my favorites and the most popular choices that we provide: 
Our Fabulous Art Panels (Single or Multi). 
dog photography for your home displayed as Photography Gallery Panels
Create a very striking yet simple display with the Art Panel(s) they are simply timeless and stunning and will stand out beautifully on your Walls, the finish gives an almost painted look and is a very popular choice for my style of photography, you can choose to feature one or up to five (in a mosaic-style wall display) and are photographically printed with a black edge band and a satin laminate finish for added protection. 
The Classic Fine Framed Print. 
dog photography as Photographic Art to display in your home
This is probably the oldest but still very popular way of showcasing your cherished photos, all of them are custom-made, and whether it's a single photograph or a captivating collection, they are skillfully mounted and flawlessly finished in beautiful frame, if you need ideas to spark your creativity you can explore our studio's assortment already hanging up. 
Canvas Gallery Block. 
dog photography as a Wall Gallery Statement Piece
Our stunning Gallery Blocks are a classic, traditional way to display your photographs without having to match to your existing décor. They are built to last and sit flush to the wall for a flawless finish, they are the perfect type of display not only for your home but also in a gallery or exhibition setting. 
ChromaLuxe Alumini Prints. 
Contemporary location dog Photography for your home
The latest in high definition metal print technology to directly print your image onto a thin aluminium panel, with deep, vibrant and punchy colours that shout out and make any image a real statement piece. It is created in collaboration with ChromaLuxe, the world's leading manufacturer of high definition slim metal photo panels. 
It provides exceptional detail and colour resolution, allowing your photographs colours to really pop and be very vibrant without the fear of fading over time, they are very impressive. 
Folio Memory Box 
dog Photography on location as Gallery Prints to display
If you don’t have the space for a 30″x20″ portrait on your living room wall, this is the perfect way to keep, display and enjoy your finished photographs but in a smaller scale style of artwork. 
The Folio Memory Box is an ideal presentation product. A handcrafted box paired with a selection of 10 fully mounted prints from your session, it is a beautiful keepsake to protect and showcase your precious photographic memories. 
We really hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of the different options that can be provided – If you would like to share or comment if you have a favourite please do.... 
If you’re ready to get outside with your dog and make some memories, get in touch now to book your free no-obligation pet photography consultation call. 
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