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Elegant, beautifully crafted and one of a kind - Frequently Asked Questions: 
Guidelines for Photography Sessions from May 2020 (subject to changes) 
1. You and everyone living in your household need to be healthy. This means showing NO Covid 19 Symptoms in the last 7 days. I will not attend the session if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of cold or flu which are similar to Covid-19. 
Symptoms may include: Dry cough, Sore throat, Tight chest and difficulty breathing, Muscle aches and pain, Fever, loss of smell. 
2. In case you show any of the symptoms during the session, I will end the session. 
3. I will not attend the session, if meof anyone in my household is showing any symptoms. In this case your session will be rescheduled to a later date. This may mean a cancellation only a couple of hours before the session. 
4. Sessions are strictly held outdoors only and can only include myself and two persons from the same household. 
5. Currently I am only photographing Dogs on location none in the studio/ your home or back garden. 
6. There will be a strict 1.5m distance between the humans at all times during the session, certain poses may not be able to be achievable. During the session all instructions will be given at an extended distance. 
7. Please clean your hands with the hand sanitizer we provide before the session starts. 
Professional dog photographers like me know exactly how to get the best images in the least amount of time, trying to get the perfect action shot of your pet, as they obliviously roll around the floor unaware of your ongoing battle with the camera, my skills combined with quality equipment and technological advancements will capture the perfect shot for you. 
Creativity is the key 
Your dog’s personality is often best shown through their actions the creativity of the images can be as exciting as the dogs themselves with the use of props and styling (in the studio) 
Professional photos are a work of art 
Everything will be taken into consideration to ensure that your dog is captured in a way that shows their beauty and personality, you won’t be able to resist displaying! I know how to get the best angles and pose your dog in the best light possible. 
It’s quite a common occurrence for us to do the entire shoot on a lead. I will direct the shoot so that the lead is hidden wherever possible. If your dog usually wears a harness, please also bring a collar so we can remove the lead if it remains visible in any of the pictures that you would like us to frame up for you. 
Even if your dog doesn’t know sit or stay commands, they only need to be in position for a split second and we know exactly when to press the button. we have plenty of tricks to coax them into position and then grab their attention. 
Of course! Dogs are apart of the family and you are the most important part of your dog’s life so it only makes sense that you or your family get to be in some of the pictures. Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you like, dress appropriately for the weather, you could even coordinate your outfits. 
After the shoot we take the images away and work on them to produce a slideshow of the very best shots. You’ll then be invited to our relaxed studio in Bedford, have a hot or cold beverage and view them. During your viewing, We will go through all the frames and digital packs that we offer and you’ll even have the chance to design a collection, which is what we call multiple images in one frame. 
Our desk Framed photographs start at £75.00 
Fabulous Wall Art products start at £225.00 please get in touch for a full price list. 
You can either book over the phone or purchase a Voucher, all you need to do is call our bookings line on 01234 798500. The more information you can give us, the more we can tailor the shoot for you, we will need to know a little bit about you and your dog. It’s a good idea to measure up wall space and have a look through our portfolio so that you have a good idea of what you want out of your shoot. 
The Shoots are done in the Bedford Studio - 84a High St,  
Bedford MK40 1NN or on location 
All of them! Most dog photographers will charge per dog but we insist that you bring your whole pack at no extra cost. Even if it takes some Photoshop trickery to get the group shot, be assured, we will capture it for you. 
Our shoots are crafted to appear as natural as possible but provide you with the maximum variety of photographs from just an hours session. 
It’s a good idea to measure up wall space and have a look through our portfolio so that you have a good idea of what you want out of your shoot. 
You will be involved in crafting the set ups to the best of your physically ability so arranging for family and friends to assist on the shoot will be helpful. 
You, your friends and family may want to be in some of the pictures so make sure you’re wearing clothes that you like or perhaps even coordinate your outfits but still dress appropriately for the weather. 
You may be tempted to tire your dog out before the shoot but we would rather they have enough energy to be able to express themselves for the camera. We want to capture what it is that makes them so special to you. 
Bring a selection of toys, treats or accessories that will help to get your dog’s attention and make your pictures unique. You could even give your dog a small breakfast so those treats look extra appetising! 
If your dog usually wears a harness, bring a collar and lead as well so that we can easily edit out the lead from the final images if we need to. 
For more information about K-9 professional pet photography services please call us on 01234 798500 or alternatively please click here to contact us 
Adrian Bullers is a Multiple Award Winning Pet Photographer - We provide Professional Pet Photography for YOU 
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